We once again have the large adjustable Spreader Bars in limited quantity.
WE Steel prices have come back down to reasonable and we are in the process of re-prototyping and getting them back into production.
Right now we are limited to the EE-SB2022 version only at this time.
Expect to have others available around the end of August if not sooner.
After we have them fully back in produciton we will add soem "Buy Now" buttons. Until then please email for costs

Stainless Steel Fixed Length Spreader Bars

From 6" to 48" or anything in between 

EE-SB10xx        -     $55 - $100 (plus $75 with cuffs)

Stainless Steel Adjustable Spreader Bars (price not fully confirmed yet)

16-24" EE-SB2016       -     $160

22-36" EE-SB2022       -     $180




Spreader Bars

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